Welcome Message

A hearty welcome to the Caribbean Association of Law Libraries (CARALL)!


For over 30 years law librarians from various Caribbean territories have been meeting in the Caribbean to champion the cause of law librarianship and enhance their knowledge base by sharing goals, ideas and resources. These diligent and committed men and women comprise personnel from Libraries within the Courts, law firms, Government and Universities. They continue to uphold law library standards and provide exceptional and invaluable services to their clients.


The Librarians of CARALL are a unique bunch that bring to the table varied experiences and skills that have served to strengthen the Association over the last three decades. This year, the 32nd anniversary of our meeting, will be held in The Bahams at the lovely Melia Nassau Beach Hotel. We are excited to meet and greet again but more importantly, to avail ourselves of the opportunities for continued growth and learning.


The website is continuously being upgraded by our highly industrious Communications and Editorial team and I invite you to peruse it for additional information on the Association as we continue to strive for excellence. We thank you for your support and encouragement as we forge on in our journey into the exciting world of Law Librarianship.


Lynette Isaac

CARALL President